there were two chairs dating under a tree…
(declined sketch)
In the past 2 years, I have taken part in creating book covers with my friend, Củ Chuối. I worked with the illustration and Chuối worked on the rest, including talking with clients, typography making, designing the whole cover and sometimes he edited the illustration for me so it’s really a great pleasure for me to work with him. At the end of 2016 I had the first book cover that the client contacted me himself. Although it’s been a up and down journey, many arguments and some unprofessional acts of mine on this project, we still get along after all and I want to say a loud thank you to my big and helping friend, Chuối.
White Bim Black Ear
White Bim Black Ear is a very famous and emotional story about a dog named Bim…
Horoscope and Me
Horoscope and Me is 12 different storys about girls and their star astrology backstory
My house is next to her house
My house is next to her house is a story about a girl and her annoying next door neighbor. The client wanted the book is fresh without any people, just houses and stuff so we really needed to make it like there are still people there through the chairs, the bicycles, the trees and other things. With white background, we could easily make a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere out of the houses and things around.
Go back home
One who has to go away from his home to study or work may like Go back home because we all can easily feel related to it 🙂
A collection of short storys: The secret of the bird garden
The secret of the bird garden brings to you the fullest of childhood memories through many short storys of young authors
for the famous book series Outlander, but was declined in the end unfortunately…